Endurance and willpower are history

Date: 3/2/2013 at 13:39
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: Endurance and willpower are history

Willpower and endurance are now officially history. The remaining effects that were using them have been altered or removed, the specifics are below. I'll deal with the remaining issues (artifact refunds and the like) next week.

- Willpower and endurance modifiers removed from Transmogrify (Noctu) - only health and mana remain as regen change options

- Refresh (Predation) reworked, see the abhelp for details

- Blackwind now drains essence instead of willpower, at a rate of 1% per 10 seconds

- Endurance drain of Posture (Taekate) removed (a bit tentative, but I don't expect any major issues)

- Campfires (Hunting/Pioneering) now provide a small health and mana regen to everyone in the room

- Feignwalk (Thespia) now has a mana drain

- SHARD REPLENISH replaced with another effect, refer to the appropriate shard skill listing if you had access to this one

- Aryana attunement shard skills level 1 and 2 were changed

- The Aryana fountain (CTF prize) now also restores health/mana reserves

- Aryana aspect level 1 power changed

- Trance (Shadowbinding) reworked

- Clarity (Philosophy) no longer has a drain, but costs equilibrium and only lasts 2 minutes

- Willpower regen removed from musicboxes (Engineering) - they now only show messages and act as a pre-requisite for recorders

- Basking (racial) restores health/mana now

- Sleep regen (racial) restores health now

- Prowling (Predation/Trailblazing) no longer drains anything, but is disabled upon performing an aggressive action

- Removed drain from Trueparry - the existing drawback should be sufficient (it drops when performing an aggressive action)

- Meditate now only regens mana

- Star and Stag tattoos have been removed - if you had an artifact one, you will receive a refund on Monday

- Stamina (Pioneering / Outrider Trailblazing) removed

- Clarity (Kanai) removed

Some of these may require further alterations - please report any problems or concerns in the usual way.

A few omissions - endurance/willpower blessings and atlas bonuses currently have no effect. These will hopefully be addressed soon as well.

In other news - next week, I'll be changing stood totems to only work against a single individuals, and implanted totems will be removed.


Penned by my hand on the 19th of Fas, in the year 12 AM.