Removing endurance and willpower, part 2

Date: 2/28/2013 at 18:15
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: Removing endurance and willpower, part 2

Endurance and willpower costs have been removed from the vast majority of abilities. I've also altered or added mana costs to some of them where needed. While I was at it, I've also fixed a bunch of situations where mana would be used up even if the attack couldn't be done for some reason.

Additionally, these have changed:

- Moradeim aspect Warp now has a 5 minute cooldown instead of the 1/6 willpower/endurance cost

- Champions are now restricted to 3 shouts per hour, instead of being limited by endurance

- Removed endurance/willpower regen from the Aryana pylon aura

- Removed endurance/willpower as a random choice of Bliss (Devotion)

- Songbirds (Thespia) no longer have endurance/willpower regen as one of the random choices

- Requiem (Thespia) now gives you health (10% per song) when killing a player, not endurance; its effect on mobs remains unchanged

- Removed endurance drain from Pacing (Sabotage), Phase (Sabotage), Obfuscate (Predation), Elusiveness (Thespia)

- Removed endurance loss from movement

- Sycophant (Enslavery) now only drains mana, not willpower - the message has changed accordingly

- Added a small mana drain to Befuddle (Thespia) and Acrobatics (Wardance)

- Splitting (Kaido) now only regens mana, not willpower

- Ravsafa (Voice) now has a heavy mana drain instead of a heavy willpower one

- Hunger damage ticks from lack of food reduced, but can now kill without draining endurance first

Please file a bug if anything misbehaves.

We're getting there!


Penned by my hand on the 1st of Vita, in the year 12 AM.