New Patterns Ahoy!

Date: 2/23/2013 at 4:45
From: Alend, the Crafter
To : Everyone
Subj: New Patterns Ahoy!

Hello Aetherius!

Right then. New patterns for our tradeskills!

Longbows in Metalworking-Layouts.
Crossbows in Metalworking-Layouts.
Hornbows in Metalworking-Layouts.
Totems in Metalworking-Layouts.
Box in Metalworking (joining counterpart in Woodcrafting).
Table in Metalworking.
Fishingpole in Woodcrafting and Metalworking.
Wand in Woodcrafting and Metalworking.
Bucket in Woodcrafting and Metalworking.
Sheath in Woodcrafting and Metalworking (joining counterpart in Tailoring).
Scabbard in Woodcrafting and Metalworking (joining its counterpart in Tailoring).
Dartsheath in Woodcrafting and Metalworking(joining counterpart in Tailoring).
Racks in Woodcrafting and Metalworking.
Birdhouses in Woodcrafting.
Vase in Woodcrafting (joining its counterparts in Metalworking and Masonry).
Badge in Metalworking and Tailoring.
Parasol in Tailoring.
Umbrella in Tailoring.
Tabard in Tailoring.
Cravat in Tailoring.
Holster in Tailoring (things can get sheathed to it, not restricted to flintlocks but please don't make me regret this).
Sling in Tailoring (things can get sheathed to it).
Mantelpiece in Woodcrafting, Metalworking, and Masonry.
Bathtub in Woodcrafting, Metalworking, and Masonry.
Quiver in Woodcrafting, Metalworking, and Tailoring.

For your notice:
"Band" has been added to the pattern for ring in Jewelry.
"Ring" has been added to the pattern for band in Jewelry.
Fishingpole pattern also responds to: rod, pole, fishingpole, fishingrod.
Mantelpiece pattern also responds to: mantel, mantelpiece.

Please message me about things that relate to:
- Addition of new patterns that do not have verbs (i.e. push, pull, ring, open, close) attached to them. (Chances are they might show up somewhere in the future.)
- Adjustment of current patterns' commodities.

Everything else: IDEA it, or if it's urgent stuff related to permissions of designs/shop shelves/etc, message Eusto. Ideas will be categorized by our tireless coders.



Penned by my hand on the 17th of Artificium, in the year 11 AM.