Entity favours and disfavours

Date: 1/15/2013 at 20:51
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: Entity favours and disfavours

Godfavours have been reworked:

- Truefavours and truedisfavours are now only used as administrative rewards and punishments; they also remain in use for the arena queue

- Regular favours (+1 constitution) are now only in use by the team event arena queue

- Highfavours and strongfavours are gone, along with all disfavours except TDFs

- Entities have two new types of favours to use, as well as one disfavour:

An entity favour has these effects:
- 50% faith/belief gain when sacrificing
- No faith/belief loss upon a bashing death
- +50% experience gain
- Halved experience loss on death

An entity highfavour has these effects:
- All the effects of a favour
- +1 to all stats (stacks with the Benevolence favour)

An entity disfavour has these effects:
- Double xp loss on death
- -1 to all stats

Depending on circumstances, entity favours and disfavours may come with belief cost to their sect - the specifics of this are made known to the entities, and favours or disfavours that cost belief are noted in the sect belieflog


In other news:

- Holders of sect positions can now appoint aides using SECT AIDE <player> TO <position> and SECT UNAIDE <player> FROM <position> - this is similar to the corresponding guild functionality.

- Sect leaders are now exempt from the restrictions on SECT PROMOTE and SECT DEMOTE - you can promote or demote as often as you want. Other sect members with the privilege can still only use it once per a RL day.


Penned by my hand on the 25th of Halitus, in the year 8 AM.