December's Sale and Promotion!

Date: 12/1/2012 at 0:13
From: Jesse
To : Everyone
Subj: December's Sale and Promotion!

We have a very exciting sale and promotion ready for you for December. Here we go!

First, the ever popular artifact packages and phylacteries are available for sale. Check out

to check out the incredible packages that we are offering. You'll note that these packages are offering artifacts at incredibly huge discounts. How huge? Let's just say that the discounts are even bigger than Jeremy's muscles. Yes, I know I've used that line before, but it's even more relevant now than it was then! Some of these packages are selling for more than 30% off of their normal credit price!

And yes, we're offering phylacteries for sale in artifact packages too. These small boxes of wondrous treasure and delight will contain random items and bonuses, for your pleasure. We've also updated the boxes with some new prizes, for this sale only.

New atlas page areas:

- the Riksha Hills
- Nagiri Caverns
- the Inner Feinhorn
- Zh'serurn Outpost
- the Necropolis
- the Gongen stronghold
- a filthy goblin village
- Seven Lake Basin
- Eor'gahl Encampment
- the Scourge Outpost

New Familiars
- an aphotic umbra
- a tiny garden golem
- a gritty sandling

If you want some of these delightful new, rare items, purchase your phylacteries now!

In December, we are also giving away a free gift for 21 days of daily questing. Just log on for 21 days of the 31 in December and complete the new quest we have set up to receive the reward.

Look for a scout that has set up camp at "A broken path between fallen homes" in Caanae. Go to him and ASK SCOUT NECROMANCER. He will tell you of the location of a level-appropriate necromancer that you must go and kill. Kill the necromancer, and get the staff that he will drop. Take the staff back to the scout and give it to him to complete the quest. There will only be three necromancers available at a time, so there will be a little bit of competition to find it and get the staff.

You can only complete the quest once per real-life day (in-game month). Complete it 21 times and the scout will fashion a new staff for you that will allow you to turn the powers of undeath against your enemies. Killing undead while holding the prize staff in your inventory will power it up. When it is fully powered, you will point it at your enemy and the next time that he dies, his corpse will rise as a wandering zombie.

When your enemy returns from Dis, he will be cursed with decreased health gain until he finds and kills or until a short time passes and the zombie decays. The staff will be a permanent item, bound to your character for eternity, and will be sure to be an entertaining gag gift that will give you fun for years to come.

You can view your daily quest status with the command DQUESTS.

Penned by my hand on the 25th of Ultio, in the year 4 AM.