Oct-Nov classleads part 6

Date: 11/16/2012 at 18:08
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: Oct-Nov classleads part 6

- Lightwalls and Flashwalls (Sabotage) can no longer be conjured over exits that already contain another wall, and their presence prevents other wall types from being created; the walls now also appear on both sides of the exit, like other types of walls

- Waterfall tattoos now only work if their target is prone or otherwise hindered, or not massed

- Blessings (Willpower, Endurance, Thermalshield, Frostshield, Earthshield) have been moved from Kanai to Devotion

- Added the 'slash' command to polearm weapons - this should correct the problem with their damage output being too low

- Golgotha (Enslavery) no longer has health/affliction conditions on activation - these were proving to be needlessly restrictive

- New Transcendent Evileye ability: Infirmity


Penned by my hand on the 9th of Aequitas, in the year 3 AM.