October/November classleads, part 4

Date: 11/6/2012 at 21:03
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: October/November classleads, part 4

More classlead changes are in!

- Hailstorm damage is now inversely affected by target's remaining health percentage - fully healthy targets are damaged less than before, but more damaged targets get hit significantly harder; this also applies to the Hugalaz rune

- Reduced mana and willpower costs of these Telepathy abilities: Deadening, Stupidity, Daze, Pacify, Hallucinate, Paralyse, Confuse, and Epilepsy

- Evadeblock (Taekate) drains less mana and willpower now

- Preservation (Predation) is no longer disabled when you are frozen or put on fire; instead, the defence periodically removes one of these afflictions every 8 seconds

- Reduced Devotion cost of Convergence and Flare

- Chloroform now gives epilepsy instead of deafness and blindness - purge blood now cures epilepsy as a consequence

- Epilepsy is now a mental affliction, not a physical+mental one - the only implication of this is that Might (Pioneering) and Spurn (Wardance) no longer cure it

- Aspartame has been removed from the list of toxins given by formaldehyde

- Geis (Thespia) has been reworked, see the ab help for specifics

- Cleansing rites (Devotion) now provide a message to their target, and are also somewhat faster

- Trailblazing users can now use STOKE CAMPGROUND to extend the campground time - each use requires 1 wood commodity and extends the time by half a RL day

- Spacing (Knifeplay) can now be used as SPACE ALL, allowing to reduce damage from everyone at a reduced efficiency

- The cooldown on Curseward is now initiated once it has been breached or stripped, rather than immediately after putting up the defence

- Willpower cost of Evileye attacks halved

- Demonrays (Noctu) now operate off the Summoner's enemy list

- Effects of Demonrays have changed: green rays give a masked mental affliction, while orange, indigo, and violet ones cause a 25% weakness to fire, cold, and electricity damage, respectively. The weakness lasts 30 seconds and you can be hit by more types simultaneously, but being hit by a weakness ray while already affected by that type has no effect.

- Autocuring can now use heat blood, quench skin, and curseward; the first two are only used if the primary cure cannot be used for any reason

- Analyse (Hypnosis) is now capable of detecting afflictions in addition to defences - ANALYSE <target> AFFLICTIONS; additionally, the defence listing variant is now faster


Penned by My hand on the 22nd of Letum, in the year 3 AM.