October classleads, part 3

Date: 11/1/2012 at 4:51
From: Iziae
To : Everyone
Subj: October classleads, part 3

- You can now consume all rites in a room in one go.
- You can now PERFORM RITES ALL.
- Bliss will now run through this priority list: curing afflictions, giving defences, restore health, restore mana, restore endurance, and restore mana.

- Desecration spores will now list tree type in the appearance.

- Summoned chimeras will now not halt at the first sign of water.

- Necromancer's may now CHILL GROUND to rid a room of fire and CHILL FIREWALL <direction> to get rid of the pesky annoyances.

- READAURA will now output the target's nourishment level.

- All players are now able to THROW hazeward stones to reduce the time of holy ground and to destroy monolith sigils.

- TEAR MAP and STOMP MAP can be used to destroy the shimmering map created by the universe tarot card.

- Inks will be automatically removed from your rift if you do not have the required inks when inking a tattoo.

- PLAY will now wield the respective instrument if you have a free hand.
- If you are not playing/wielding the required instruments for a song, the SING command will now automatically unwield both hands, wield, and play the required instruments.
- The Earthquake song has a 1/4 chance of destroying icewalls, exactly like it does with stonewalls.

- You may now place multiple enchantments on a single item. The usual item restrictions continue to apply.
You will be unable to mix firelash/icewall/firewall with resistances.
You can use POINT <firelash/etc.> and it will find the first usable item.
Each item has a finite number of charges and utilizing the enchanted item will decrease the charges for all enchantments. Charges on newly enchanted items will be applied with an average formula.

Penned by My hand on the 11th of Halitus, in the year 2 AM.