October classleads, part 2

Date: 10/29/2012 at 21:07
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: October classleads, part 2

Second batch of October classlead changes is in!

- Soulpact (Malignosis) no longer reduces the maximum essence - it merely has a regular essence cost

- New Bladedance ability: Twist

- Repair has been moved to the Novice rank in Smithing, and quality reduction per repair has been reduced for everyone (meaning each weapon can be repaired more times)

- Kai Banish now lasts 10 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of immunity to being banished again

- The second underground level is no longer reachable by burrowing - you can only burrow one level deep now

- Supremacy triggers are now only invoked if the player who made it is in the room with you

- Insanity (Supremacy) now checks periodically if the person who gave you the affliction is still with you; if not, the effect is removed

- Nuarinyu (Voice) affliction list changed - added loneliness and vertigo, removed nausea. This also affects the Cruellament damage modifiers.

- Hypnosis users can now suggest two afflictions at once - SUGGEST <target> <aff1> <aff2> or SUGGEST <target> FRONT <aff1> <aff2>. WHISPER and ACTION cannot be combined in this way.

- Disembowel (Chivalry / Brutality / Bladedance / Warding) damage now scales with the number of physical afflictions on the target. The damage with is 40% of max health, +5% per affliction.

- Pathfinder (Enslavery) is now stopped by monoliths and similar effects in the player's room. Monoliths in the target room do not prevent travel.

- Devil (Tarot) no longer duplicates thrown cards

- The list of possible afflictions for the Moon tarot has been expanded - the card can now also give paranoia, masochism, or dementia

- Randomness of the Steal curse has been significantly reduced

- Cleanseaura (Noctu) has been reworked - it now strips the shield defence, with equilibrium time depending on target's health


Penned by My hand on the 5th of Naturalis, in the year 2 AM.