October-November classleads, part 1

Date: 10/26/2012 at 20:35
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: October-November classleads, part 1

The first set of classlead changes is now available:

- Llan (Voice) is no longer blocked by deafness if used as a targetted word (deafness still blocks it if used with Uryem), and its effect has been increased

- Deadeyes mana cost lowered

- Defences are no longer lost when Redemption (Devotion) is triggered

- Wisp Poison (Evocation) now causes poison damage, rather than unblockable one

- Tentacles (Noctu) can now be used while already active to reset the duration

- Pinchaura (Noctu) no longer provides a visible message when the Hood effect is stripped

- Devilmark (Noctu) now fades after five throws, rather than three

- Lash (Naturebinding) with the damage specialisation no longer breaks limbs

- Kainet (Telepathy) no longer allows you to gain kai from your own attacks

- Worm Attach (Spatium) is now usable off-balance

- Beastmastery animals can now be called while off-balance

- The Elusion wardance now gives +2 dexterity

- Dioxin and Trioxin damage against mobs has been slightly increased

- Outrider Icewyrms can learn Dash now

- Runemastery (Runelore) is now available to the Wytch profession

- Cover (Shamanism) has been changed - all types now provide a 10% resistance, and the gold one offers magickal instead of physical damage reduction

- Battlecry (Chivalry,etc) now only stuns if the target was already prone

- Mana drain of Weaving (Sabotage) reduced

- Putrefaction (Necromancy) now grants a 20% reduction of both cutting and blunt damage


Penned by My hand on the 8th of Vita, in the year 2 AM.