Bug fixes

Date: 10/26/2012 at 6:48
From: Iziae
To : Everyone
Subj: Bug fixes

- Bandits were hiding out during the recent events but have made a strong return.

- Fixed a problem with coloured rows in WHO not wrapping correctly.

- Guildleaders can now only change the clanleader of their clans loyal to them.

- Fixed a problem with novices not learning third profession skills in multi-guilds.

- Stomach lining in Nysashgar's gullet will take more time before it decides to sleep.

- Added error message when players don't specify which org help file to delete.

- Players will no longer be informed of new news articles in related org if they can't read the board.

- Added in check that players contesting/running in elections meet the same eligibility requirements as those who will be voting in the election.

- Those who have lost their caravans will be informed of the room they're at when requesting a new caravan.

- I've moved TIMEOUT to the CONFIG list (new syntax, CONFIG TIMEOUT). Players are automatically timing out at 30 minutes (previous change) and I've updated the config to reflect this.

- You should no longer see sun/star messages if you're burrowed.

- Fixed bug with Halitus date conversions.

- Keylist now provides a more informative message for those keys that previously fit a lock and now no longer do.

- Phased players will no longer be able to light/create compost heaps.

- Withdrawing libation formulas will properly update your tradeskill daily submission quota.

- Fixed Philosophy learning message.

- Dead players can now use GT. Falls in line with the other communication channels.

- I've neutralized the dominance of orders in areas. Hold over from the order deaths.

- I changed the way we check what items can be mushroomed/sappingcharged. Any tradeskill created item that decays and is not takeable can be destroyed. Please BUG anything you think should/shouldn't work.


Penned by My hand on the 19th of Tenebrae, in the year 2 AM.