Date: 10/22/2012 at 22:36
From: Jeremy
To : Everyone
Subj: Cults

Okay, so time for a little guidance on the cults.

The name of the cult will also end up being the theme of the entity. When an entity joins a cult, the cult and the entity will evolve into something else. As such imagine the name of your cult on the name of the entity.

These are based on the current cult list.

- Arahad, Entity of the Soul
- Arahad, Entity of the Wendigo
- Arahad, Entity of Nightwatchers
- Arahad, Entity of Unity
- Arahad, Entity of the Protectors
- Arahad, Entity of Elementis
- Arahad, Entity of Nature
- Arahad, Entity of the Architect
- Arahad, Entity of Truth
- Arahad, Entity of the Wilds
- Arahad, Entity of Quadratoquinti
- Arahad, Entity of Lunarcult
- Arahad, Entity of the Damned
- Arahad, Entity of the Leechwood
- Arahad, Entity of the Ascendancy
- Arahad, Entity of the Rashirmir

Some of these do not make a whole lot of sense. A cult will need to revolve around an idea, theme, or realm that an entity can claim power over. So we need to work on fixing those up.

Try to stay away from rebooting old god themes. No good. If you have a previous theme you liked, then refine it, make it something better.

Some ideas are too vague. Not to pick on one theme, but something like nature or elements is pretty far reaching. Let's get more specific, like wolves, fire, ice, carnivores, forest, etc.

- Altars are made of stone, rocks, metal, and normal materials. Not magical floating things.
- Most of the altar room descriptions are much too long.
- There is a lot of double spacing go on. Yuck.

There is some more discussion about cults here:

I will probably wait another day or so for some clean up and then and then I will start discussing things with cults that I think are close to approval.

Penned by My hand on the 14th of Aequitas, in the year 1 AM.