Better Giftbags!

Date: 10/16/2012 at 18:49
From: Jesse
To : Everyone
Subj: Better Giftbags!

I'm excited to share that we're making the awesome giftbag promotion even better. We're seeding the giftbags with a few more exciting new items.

For the next two weeks (until the end of the giftbag promotion), every giftbag you receive along with your credit purchase will contain one of new 6 special soulstone-type items we've created. To activate the stone, you simply have to CRUSH <stone>. Here are the items:

an inscribed chunk of hematite
- Gives +1 to your Strength stat.
- Lasts for 8 hours of logged-in time.

an inscribed quartz prism
- Gives +1 to your Intelligence stat.
- Lasts for 8 hours of logged-in time.

an inscribed malachite needle
- Gives +1 to your Dexterity stat.
- Lasts for 8 hours of logged-in time.

an inscribed bloodstone pebble
- Gives +1 to your Constitution stat.
- Lasts for 8 hours of logged-in time.

an inscribed opal pebble
- Gives you 10% damage resistance.
- Lasts for 8 hours of logged-in time.

a polished chunk of onyx
- Gives you 5 free, instant trips out of Dis.
- Lasts forever until you use them all up.
- Go to the wooden landing in Dis and RESURRECT IN <ferry destination>
- For example, RESURRECT IN KINSARMAR will instantly bring you to life near Kinsarmar.

You'll notice that I said "every" giftbag will receive one of these special items. That's right, because you'll find one soulstone in every single new giftbag that you get, in addition to the random item that will be placed in it. You're getting two guaranteed free gifts now!

You can also give the soulstones to other players with SOULSTONE GIVE <stone> TO <person>. As with all trades of permanent items like this, do not attempt to scam anybody out of their soulstones, or I will ban you. If you want to make a deal for a soulstone, make a fair deal with up-front terms. Only trade with people you know you can trust!

You'll probably note that these items do not all have a common keyword and cannot all be referenced with the word "soulstone". This is not a bug, as this is deliberate so that you do not accidentally crush a stone that you did not mean to crush. When crushing, it's safest to use the specific term (CRUSH HEMATITE, CRUSH BLOODSTONE, etc) to make sure that you are crushing exactly what you want to crush.

HELP GIFTBAG ARTIFACTS is available for future reference on these items. Enjoy!

Penned by My hand on the 16th of Ferinus, in the year 1 AM.