The Hammer of the Gods

Date: 10/13/2012 at 21:48
From: Jeremy
To : Everyone
Subj: The Hammer of the Gods

Rather than RP out this whole ending sequence, we are going to tell everyone here. There are choices to be made, fights to be had, and someone to claim the glory. When we do RP via Tomas or another mob, only a small number of people get to see it, and it takes a few days for the story to get around. This part of the event permanently changes the game and the story line of Imperian. As such, everyone needs to be involved (if they want).

1. Once the Hammer of the Gods is fully powered a player can ENTER HAMMER.

2. The player will then be able to walk to one of three different locations.
- Within the influence of a massive rift (demons)
- In the middle of the large cave (horde)
- The Scar of Creation (undead)

3. The player will take 20 seconds to move from room to room.

4. The player will not have any special abilities, but they can fight and cure as normal.

5. If the player is killed, the Hammer returns to the altar and someone else can ENTER it.

6. Once the Hammer reaches one of the main rooms the player can UNLEASH HAMMER.

7. If you want to attack the undead, the Hammer will need to bring the Stele to The Scar of Creation by first going to the Stele and doing GET STELE.

8. If you want to attack the demons, the Hammer will need to RIP PORTAL when then get to 'Before a rift between Aetherius and a Demon Plane' in order pass though.

9. Unleashing the hammer will PERMANENTLY destroy that NPC army as a threat in the game. By permanent, I mean that army will never be able to invade again.

10. In all cases we will slowly remove any areas from the game that have these creatures. There may always be a couple little goblins or demons running around, but their threat will be completely, totally, irrevocably, and permanently removed from Imperian.

So what do you hate more? Undead, Demons, or Horde?

Who will get eternal glory by being the Hammer?

Who will fight against the Hammer ever being used?

Have fun with that...

Penned by My hand on the 22nd of Tenebrae, in the year 679 AD.