September Art/Bard Awards

Date: 10/13/2012 at 18:28
From: Jesse
To : Everyone
Subj: September Art/Bard Awards

I'm pleased to announce the awards for the August-September Bardic and Artisanal contests. All of the awarded entries can be viewed at

Art Awards

Winner: Beneath the Gloaming Boughs - by Sekhir
Runner Up: Within the Celestial Void - by Alesud

Literary Awards

Winner: The Tournament of Honor - by Bathan
Runner Up: The Mad God - by Kanna
Runner Up: Full Circle - by Argentum
Merit: Reflections in the Wheel - by Yovan
Merit: The Fall of Caanae - by Kari
Merit: The Wonder Emporium - by Skye

Penned by My hand on the 19th of Tenebrae, in the year 679 AD.