Hammer Mechanics and Rules

Date: 10/13/2012 at 7:16
From: Jesse
To : Everyone
Subj: Hammer Mechanics and Rules

Fragments of Divine essence are raining down upon the land and can be gathered up and brought to the temple in the Shaahri desert. You can view the current fragments that exist in the world with the CLAIRVOYANCE command.

The fragments will spawn frequently, and the number of fragments that will drop is dependent on the number of players online. More players = more fragments.

Bring the fragments to the temple, find the altar and the golden figure upon it. PUT <fragment> IN FIGURE to place the Divine fragment in the figure to strengthen it.

The fragments will only last for about an hour before they will disappear, so if you want to get them to the temple, keep that in mind. Alternatively, you can just hold on to them or hide them somewhere, if you choose to oppose the Hammer of the Gods, or you don't trust that sneaky Tomas fellow.

Additionally, you can seek to undo any of the power that has already been gained by the Hammer of the Gods by going to the temple and using the DISRUPT command to damage the figure. This will be a channeled action during which you can take no other action, and will cause periodic damage to the figure. You can view the strength of the Hammer of the Gods by probing it.

Each fragment of Divine essence that you place within the figure is tracked in the CHAMPION RANKINGS. Prizes will be distributed at the end of the event to the highest ranking players in each of the categories. We're hoping to wrap up this final stage of the event in the next few days, as Jeremy posted, so get your gathering in while you can!

For PK rules, holding a fragment of Divine essence makes you a valid target to anybody in the game while you are holding that fragment, and shortly thereafter. Basically, if you participate in this part of the event, you can be attacked for it. Don't use this as an excuse to go attack someone an hour later just because you saw them briefly carrying a fragment, but feel free to use the event as an excuse to generate some conflict in the moment. Don't also think that you're completely immune to all forms of retribution just because you saw that somebody was chasing you and you dropped the shard somewhere. As with all things, just be reasonable.

Since you know where the gatherers will have to be going to deliver their precious cargo, I'd be a strong proponent of bringing all your friends to the temple and setting a trap there. Of course, then I'd be a strong proponent of the gatherers gathering all their friends and rushing to clear out the temple. Chaos ensues...

Have fun!

Penned by My hand on the 8th of Tenebrae, in the year 679 AD.