November classlead changes, part 5

Date: 12/1/2011 at 19:47
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: November classlead changes, part 5

The fifth batch of classlead (as well as some additional ones) changes has just been released. Almost all reports have been addressed by now, the only remaining one, report 23, will be addressed in the next batch.

- New Wardance ability: Overwhelm

- Knife sigils have been reworked - they no longer break channels, throwing them at an individual now causes an effect that disables the 'cover tracks' and 'soulmask' defences for two minutes

- Cube sigils no longer dampen vibrations - they are now usable only by Runeguards, and they part water in the room when thrown at the ground

- Slam throw (Taekate) has been reworked - it now causes head damage and is not comboable with anything

- Soulquench (Deathkight Smithing) has been reworked - it now lasts 30 seconds and works against a single target

- You can now fashion up to 10 pieces of siege ammunition (bolts, cannonballs, shots, and nets) at once

- Having the Mount ability in Taming and being mounted on a steed trained in swimming at least to 50% now allows you to cross water with no delay (the effect is identical to wearing waterwalking boots).

- Changed some formulas related to defence stacking - most of you will not notice any difference, but some extremes should be reduced slightly

- New Survival ability: Resists

Regarding the Resists ability: it allows you to see all your damage resistances and weaknesses. It can also provide a detailed analysis of any single attack that you get hit with.

The main purpose of the Resists ability is to provide a better overview of which factors contribute most heavily to the damage resistances being as high as they presently are.


Penned by my hand on the 4th of Aequitas, in the year 653 AD.