November classleads, part 3

Date: 11/21/2011 at 20:46
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: November classleads, part 3

The third batch of November classlead chakgeshas just been loaded, with more still left to come!

- CATACLYSM (Crystalism) is now usable by its owner even if not imbued by three Magi - imbuing allows the vibe to be used by anyone with the appropriate Elemancy abilities

- Astralform has been removed from Noctu, and replaced with a new combat ability called Astralwarp - see the AB help for details

- The hound (Enslavery) now moves to its target in a single step, instead of walking room by room

- The hound also gives a message to its owner when it strips the shield defence

- TRANSMOGRIFY (Noctu) has been reworked - negative mutations have been removed, strength of most positive ones has been reduced, and you can pick one of the mutations that you will get - the other two will be random

- Throwing an eye sigil now has a balance cost, and it pulls players in room out of blackwind, along with phase

- Eye sigils on the ground no longer cause an increased willpower drain for blackwinded individuals, and willpower loss for passing through lightningwalls and firewalls while blackwinded has likewise been reduced

- Torment hounds now bypass monoliths if the target has the Defiler allied

- MIND LOCK times are more consistent now - at Transcendent Telepathy, the time now ranges from 8 to 12 seconds, depending on the target's Philosophy skill rank, before factoring in other modifiers (mindprints and similar)

- CONSECRATION (Devotion) has been reworked as follows:
- Consecrating is no longer a channeled process - it happens instantly, with an equilibrium cost
- Devotion cost has been significantly reduced
- Any room can be consecrated now - consecration lasts 120 game months in Anti-Magick areas, up to 1 game month in Magick and Demonic ones, and 3 game months everywhere else
- Consecrating a room with less than maximum months left brings it back to maximum
- CONSECRATE CHECK now tells you the status of an existing consecration, if any
- If a monolith sigil is present in the room, consecrating will destroy it instead
- Throwing a monolith sigil at the ground reduces the remaining consecration time by 3 game months at a balance cost - if none are left, it is destroyed

- Rousing a tree (Naturalism) now also clears the information about who infested it

- SAVOUR TREE now also clears an ongoing purification, along with information about who did it (after displaying it, of course)


Penned by my hand on the 18th of Letum, in the year 653 AD.