Combat changes

Date: 11/3/2011 at 18:12
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: Combat changes


I have just loaded a series of changes aimed at adjusting the pacing of combat, which until now has admittedly been rather extreme. These changes should make the combat speed somewhat more manageable, while still presenting all the tactical and strategic diversity that makes Imperian so great. These changes required adjustments in some of the professions as well - these are all listed below. Additionally, I have also adjusted some of the hindering afflictions that have proven to be too effective:

- Herb balance is now 2.00 seconds (previously 1.75) - confound body remains unaffected

- FOCUS in Survival can now be used every 4 seconds (previously 1.5 seconds), 6 seconds with confound mind (previously 5 seconds)

- PURGE BLOOD can now be used every 15 seconds (previously 10 seconds), and a room message has been added

- TREE tattoo can now be touched every 15 seconds if you have the Recovery ability in Survival (previously 10 seconds); The time remains unchanged if you don't have the Recovery ability

- Being afflicted with paralysis now grants a 5-second immunity to being afflicted again; the timer starts when you are afflicted, not when the affliction is cured

- Stun and unconsciousness attempts no longer stack, and being hit with either while already stunned or unconscious has no effect at all

- After stun or unconsciousness ends, you gain a two-second immunity to both afflictions

- Hellsight ticks have been slowed down by 2 seconds, and the hellsight from nightmare no longer gives an extra affliction right away

- DEADEYES has been slowed down slightly

- Curses have been slowed down slightly

- The cobra (Sabotage) has been slowed down

- Sulfonal will no longer relapse itself

- BLADE FLICK has been slowed down slightly

- Additionally, the code of several internal systems has been adjusted to modern standards. This should be completely transparent, but please report any bugs that may have sneaked in.

It is highly likely that more changes will be necessary to balance out the changes, and some of the changes themselves may require further tweaks. Which, in turn, brings me to the next Announce post ...


Penned by my hand on the 11th of Halitus, in the year 651 AD.