Artifact Wares

Date: 11/1/2011 at 1:10
From: Grael, the Worldsmith
To : Everyone
Subj: Artifact Wares

The following items have been made available at the Auction. Please direct any questions regarding the items to Grael, who will clarify as needed.

(3) Pet Tokens
- These pets can be completely customised (within reason), but must
be described as a semi-normal animal. A black panther or a bear
is fine. A dragon is not.
- All three pets will be able to fly.
- This pet will allow for 10 skill slots, and is the only way that
any pet can have the combination of the mount and track abilities.

Acrobat Boots
- These boots let you use the abilities of kipup, frontflip, and backflip.

Sunburst Glyph
- You can attach this glyph to any suit of armour and it will grant you an increased critical hit rate. This effect stacks with other critical hit artifacts and bonuses.

A Miniature Smelter
- This item will, once per day, allow you to CRANK <smelter> to make it produce ingots of smithing metals.
- Every day, you will be able to collect 50 sinn, 25 cuhpfehr, 50 isan, and 25 of the valuable crystehl ingots from the smelter.

A Raksha Band
- Known as the "ring of returning", this item allows you to mark a room and instantly return to it.

Foraging Lenses
- Wearing these special spectacles will remove the time delay on SEARCH FOR PLANTS

Wings of the Hippogryph
- These wings will take you to the same location as the Seraphim Angel Wings, but do not require the user to FLY prior to their use.

Truesilver Tuning Fork
- This tuning fork vibrates permanently while in your inventory until silenced by the owner.

A Crystehl Divining Bowl
- Removes the equilibrium use of the FARSEE ability.

Crystehl Whistle
- Removes the cooldown on pet training entirely.

Concealing Mists
- Grants the owner the "cover tracks" and "obfuscation" defenses.

Feathered Armlet
- This armlet will let you use the arrowcatching defence, which gives you a 33% chance to catch any arrows fired at you. This defence has a slight mana drain associated with it.


Gloves of Harvesting
- If you can harvest, cuts your balance recovery for harvesting approximately in half.
- Doubles the number of plants you can harvest per 24 hour period.

Diadem of the Quickening
- Reduces the time it takes to recover equilibrium, by about 15%.

Ring of Magick's Bane
- Offers protection vs. magickal damage. (Approximately 15% protection.)

A Steelweave Surcoat
- The steelweave surcoat has 15% chance of absorbing the damage from a physical attack.

Bracers of Frost
- Allows you to 1) Cover the ground in ice. 2) Freeze an opponent. 3) Deepfreeze everybody in the room. ('freeze ground', 'freeze <player>', 'cast deepfreeze')

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Naturalis, in the year 651 AD.