IRE Schedule

Date: 1/14/2011 at 23:26
From: Dranor, God of Imagination
To : Everyone
Subj: IRE Schedule

Here what IRE has planned for the rest of January. Mark your calendars, cause we have some can't-miss stuff coming up!

On Monday, January 17th at 22:00 GMT, IRE President Jeremy Saunders will be doing a Ustream broadcast where he will be chatting with IRE players. You will be able to send him questions over a chat channel, and he will answer them live. You will be able to view the broadcast at

On Saturday, January 29th, at 0:01 GMT, all of the Iron Realms games will be starting a Double XP weekend that will last for 48 hours. It will end at 23:59 GMT on Sunday, January 30th. All experience for questing and killing mobs will be doubled. Achievement XP bonuses and soulstone XP bonuses will be disabled during this event, but the timers on those will not count down either.

We're extending the New Years Sale! Huzzah! Our 20% bonus to credits and lessons purchased, as well as our awesome lesson packages, will now end on January 31st, as 23:59 GMT. Don't forget that if you're an Iron Elite member when you make your purchases, you will get an astounding 30% bonus.

Go to:

To sign up for your Elite bonus, and to purchase our HUGELY discounted lesson packages before it's too late!

Penned by my hand on the 18th of Vita, in the year 628 AD.