An Artifact Auction!

Date: 7/16/2010 at 23:54
From: Dranor, God of Imagination
To : Everyone
Subj: An Artifact Auction!

I'm pleased to announce that, for the next week, Imperian will be holding an auction. We will have a number of powerful and rare items being auctioned off for credits, and a number of normal artifacts being auctioned off for gold.

Items for credits:

2 Custom Portal Wings
- This item will let you have your own, personal wings-like portal
room, with a customised item, command word, and exits.
- You will be able to choose 11 custom exits to any normal room in
Imperian, with the exception of cities, townes, guildhalls, etc.
These exits cannot be changed. All of them do not have to be
chosen immediately.
- The down exit will automatically be set to go to the portals room
accessed by the Orphanim Angel Wings.
- Due to the custom coding required for this, and the fact that
these wings are functionally more valuable than the Seraphim Angel
Wings, the starting bid will be 2000 credits.
- These will be auctioned as a token. If you are the winner, please
contact Dranor to redeem your token.

3 Artifact Pets
- This pets can be completely customised (within reason), but must
be described as a semi-normal animal. A black panther or a bear
is fine. A dragon or pegasus is not.
- One of these pets will be able to fly. The other two will not be
flying mounts.
- This pet will allow for 10 skill slots, and is the only way that
any pet can have the combination of the mount and track abilities.
- Due to the custom work required for this, the starting bid will
be 500 credits.
- These will also be auctioned as a tokens.

A Feathered Armlet
- This ability will let you use the arrowcatching defence, which
gives you a 33% chance to catch any arrows fired at you. This
defence has a slight mana drain associated with it.

Acrobatic Boots
- These boots let you use the abilities of kipup, frontflip,
and backflip.

A Sparkling Lattice
- This is a more powerful version of the Alchemy shimmering lattice,
which only decreases the chance of a surge affecting you. The
sparkling lattice guarantees that you will never be affected by
a magickal surge while you are holding it.

3 Phantasmic Diadems
- Lets you choose a custom enter, exit, and room description. These
messages can be configured as often as you want with the CONFIG
command. They will require God approval before they will be set
to you. You can even remove the direction that you move in from
your enter/exit messages, allowing you to confound your enemies.

Raksha Band
- Known as the "ring of returning", this item allows you to mark a
room and instantly return to it.

Stone Figurine
- Allows you to create stonewalls.
- Uses one stone commodity.

Pipe Filter Set
- Reduces smoking balance by 33%.

Sanctified Aegis
- This artifact will, when you are protected by a shield tattoo
(or any ability that acts like a shield tattoo), convert any
aggressive attacks targetted at you that bounce off your shield
into 20 health.

A Glass Terrarium
- This portable and useful item will, once per day, produce a number
of herbs equal to the maximum number of herbs that you can harvest
in a single days. Use HARVEST <#>|ALL <plant type> FROM <terrarium>.
- Use SETUP <terrarium> AS <environment type> to change the environment
type of your terrarium.
- Never have to travel to pick herbs again! Pick the herbs straight from
your inventory!

A Miniature Smelter
- This item will, once per day, allow you to CRANK <smelter> to make it
produce ingots of smithing metals.
- Every day, you will be able to collect 50 sinn, 25 cuhpfehr, 50 isan,
and 25 of the valuable crystehl ingots from the smelter.

Phantom Mask
- A mask that lets you conceal your identity, just like a

Protection Rings
- Gives the wearer a 10% damage reduction from a single damage type.
- Firescourge - Defends against fire.
- Frostbrand - Defends against frost.
- Poisonbane - Defends against poison.
- Eupnoeic - Defends against asphyxiation damage.
- Voltaic - Defends against electric damage.
- Phrenic - Defends against psychic damage.

Wyvern's Collar
- Gives the owner the use of the vitality ability.

A Tent
- You can set up a tent almost anywhere in the world, allowing you
a portable indoor room.

Seer's Eye
- This item will allow you to PEER <eye> <player>, allowing you to
see everything in the room of any player, anywhere in the world,
as if you were there yourself.
- It will allow you to see into the room of anyone on any plane or
any alternate phase of reality (phased, blackwinded, etc). It
will not see through the Veil of the Obtenebrate.

Flask of Divine Manna
- A never-ending vial of manna that will fully satiate you when
drunk. Become nearly immune to hunger-inducing afflictions!

3 Chests of the Continuum
- Items placed in this chest will not decay.
- Applies to items that normally do not decay in a stockroom.
- Holds 50 items.

Items for gold:

Collar of Pyralis
Darrinic Robes
Gem of Transmutation
Hunter's Belt
Ogre's Gauntlets
Pixie's Boots
Scholar's Sash
Seraphim Angel Wings
a set of silver bracelets
Steelweave Surcoat
Stygian Pendant
Truesilver Ring
Level 1 Artifact Weapon Token
- You may turn this token for any artifact weapon with a value of
350 credits or less.

Information about the auction syntax is available in HELP AUCTION. To
view the items up for auction, go to any auction house and do WARES

This auction will last for approximately 7 days. It's difficult to say
exactly when the bids will close, as last minute bids will extend the
life of the auction.

For items auctioned for credits, you do not need to have the credits for
your bid at the time that you make your bid. You will have seven days
after the conclusion of the auction to obtain the credits, bound to the
character that placed the bid. If you do not have the credits after the
seven days have passed, you will be shrubbed and will not be allowed to
play Imperian. Serious bids only!

For items auctioned for gold, you do need to have the gold in hand at
the time that you place your bid. The gold will be taken and will
temporarily be placed in escrow. If you are outbid, the gold will
automatically be refunded to you by letter.

Anybody who places other items up for auction with the intent of confusing
other people or interfering with the existing auction will be removed from
the game.

If you have any questions about the auction, or any of the items being
auctioned, feel free to contact me.

Penned by my hand on the 13th of Artificium, in the year 613 AD.