The state of el'Jazira

Date: 6/17/2014 at 22:34
From: Boss Habbib
To : Everyone
Subj: The state of el'Jazira

Friends, customers, and enemies alike:

I come to you as a man with a simple and honest proposal.

El'Jazira is changed, that much is not in doubt. Some of these changes
may be new and frightening to outsiders, for for the Jaziri people
nothing is different. We are still the Jaziri. We have made our fortunes
in the most inhospitable of places, excelling by means we have perfected
over centuries of thriving in the Mhojave. We have weathered wars,
hosted wars, and our culture has left an indelible mark on Sapience.
That much has not changed.

What has changed?

That much is a bit harder to mold into a concrete definition. One could
simply write off el'Jazira as fallen to the influences of a great
Empire. But we are not to be reduced as such. Jazira has a stake in many
things, things that do not disappear as the ruins of the city may
disappear into the desert dunes. We have preserved these relations, and
now that several crucial pieces have fallen into play, we are ready and
eager to display our efforts.

One such crucial piece is a man known as Giovelli Rederan. He is but the
first of several major players to set up shop in el'Jazira's expanding
underground marketplace, and the first to be open for business. This
'shop' should be taken as anything but - what Mr. Rederan offers cannot
be purchased anywhere else, though I will leave the details of his
operation to him.

The village of el'Jazira extends Giovelli Rederan an extremely grateful
welcome. May his business be long and prosperous, in tradition with our

In my closing remarks, I would leave with you all the open-ended
invitation to consider el'Jazira as being very open, and very
interested, in outside investments of all varieties, all creeds, and all
types. Our aim to be the greatest and freest of markets in modern
Sapience will be recognized.


Penned by my hand on the 24th of Lleian, in the year 422 MA.