A New Beginning

Date: 4/10/2014 at 15:09
From: Haven Locke of the Black Sun
To : Everyone
Subj: A New Beginning

Many of you relish in the idea that we are in an age where Corruption
runs rampant. That the Dark One reigns supreme. That for such a 'small'
price, there is great reward and no truer path than that of the Blood
and Undeath. To these people, know that the Corrupter and the Earthen
Lord have you fooled! Chakrasul has not your best intentions in mind.
You think She and Her ways can last, Sapience? There is but one end to
Her road of corruption and despair: a void.

How can there be strength if there is nothing left? How can there be
joy? Pain? Love? Glory? Cast aside Her false gifts and promises;break
free from the shackles She would tighten around your throats. With each
day that passes, the Reckoning draws nearer, Sapience. Who among you
stands prepared? How many of you have the strength to rise and -wield-
the Light?

Darkness surrounds and touches all of us. It cloaks us and seeps down
towards our core without abandon, for it is eternal;of that, have no
doubt. However, do not fall prey to the misconception that darkness is
the true enemy. It is our test;the barricade to separate those with the
desire and strength of will to reach for the Light within and pierce the
darkness around them and fight to rise, and those who would fall to the
cloaked terrors and be extinguished forever.

Reach inside yourselves and embrace your spark! Wield your Light! Choose
freedom and become the master of your own destiny. Join the cycle and be
without end!

Blessed is the Light and all those who reach for it.

In Strength,
Haven Locke
\ _ /
-= (@) =-
/ \

Penned by my hand on the 14th of Ios, in the year 417 MA.