Juxa's Steelhew's War

Date: 3/11/2014 at 23:20
From: Seneschal Xavin Taziyah
To : Everyone
Subj: Juxa's Steelhew's War

Juxa Steelhew,

Your commanders lay slain. Your city has fallen. Your men are scattered or dead. Even your colony in Tasur?ke has fallen. Surrender now and your death will be swift. Else wise you can sit alone in your citadel, starve to death and rot. One way or another, the Rhythm will claim you.

To those trolls who remain under Juxa's banner, I say this. Throw down your weapons and join your brothers and sisters in finding a new life, a new home. Juxa Steelhew's folly is at an end.

-Xavin Taziyah
Feral Will
Will of the Hunt

Penned by my hand on the 4th of Slyphian, in the year 414 MA.