Date: 3/11/2014 at 18:31
From: Daskalos Qefin
To : Sir Saybre Windrayn, The Silver Phoenix
Subj: --

Sir Saybre,

I do not accept your resignation. In this war, we have been outmanned two to one in most situations. We have cleared, along with Duiran, the Ithmia's of Steelhew's armies. Our men, even now, are within Hashan preparing for an attack in conjunction with Duiran. Duiran has also sustained heavy losses, but every man who volunteered to help in this war knew the costs.

This is the risk they signed up, the risk you have taken, the risk I have taken, the risk dozens have taken.

We have done as well as can be expected, and the march into Hashan was given by myself and not by you. Our men were outnumbered and fought valiantly, and they will not be forgotten. I have buried dozens of soldiers under my command, and now you begin the unfortunate task of having to write letters to the families of the slain.

Enorian will take care of those who laid down their life in this war.

It's not over. We haven't won, but we have them reeling. We have done the bulk of the labor, and taken the bulk of the losses. Bloodloch and Spinesreach will most likely swoop in after Duiran and ourselves clear the path but have few soldiers left and claim the victory for themselves.

We know the truth, and we know that we have the resolve to make the hard decisions. We have the fortitude and faith to do what has to be done to ensure progression into the Age of Dawn.

Onwards, Enorian. This war isn't over yet, and I'm damned sure not replacing my Knight-Marshall in the middle of it.

Daskalos Qefin
Vanguard of Enorian

Penned by my hand on the 24th of Niuran, in the year 414 MA.