Date: 3/5/2014 at 9:24
From: Trager Del'baeth
To : Everyone
Subj: Election

Brothers and sisters of the Pride,

As of a few moments ago I finally decided to throw my name into the current election initiated by Ranger Kaestrin. Unfortunately, we find ourselves lacking an involved and actively working Prideleader, something that I am sure all of us lament. Prideleader Angwe served us fairly, strongly and selflessly for many years, and I can only hope that his successor, if appointed, has even half the ammount of intiative and devotion that he has shown the Pride.

Taking a step back to examine my history, I have been a member of the Pride for my entire life. From my first, clumsy hunting attempts as a Scout to the day I was appointed Ranger of the Bloodhunt, I have always transitioned and grown into a Ranger with the hopes of being a rolemodel and guide that this Pride might be proud of. Tirelessly throughout the years I have spilt the blood of those intending to harm our domain and disrupt the Rhythm. Also have I had my blood spilt, giving every fibre of my being to defend and protect those I could from the darkness that threatens to overtake us each and every day.

If I am chosen to lead the Pride, this will not change. I will continue doing everything within my power to ensure the proper training, the necessary knowledge and the furious drive remains in all of us. We shall not fall silent and be allowed to grow stagnant. We will focus ourselves on first ridding the lands of the darkness that most directly threatens us, allowing our younger members a trial in the fires of their first true conflict. When we finally destroy the evil known as Juxa, we will begin movement towards reestablishing our ties with the Rhythm, hoping to gain a much deeper knowledge of how best each and every one of us might serve it. Please take me into consideration, and if anyone has questions regarding my intent or purpose, feel free to step foward and ask me.

For the Rhythm,

Trager Del'baeth

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Arios, in the year 414 MA.