Corruption, scars and freedom

Date: 1/9/2014 at 4:16
From: Laesae, Priestess of the Spiral
To : Damariel, the Unbound
Subj: Corruption, scars and freedom

Lord Damariel,

Allow me to address You. Perhaps I am out of place in choosing to lend words to this statement You have directed to Lady Chakrasul, but I do not fear any consequences that might befall me for doing so. I simply wish to speak the words that surface to my thoughts about the scar and its message that you believe the Dark Lady to be sending through to Preceptor Kerryn and You.

I don't believe You know of my name, Lord Damariel (though Lord Arion, Whose essence lives within You, might) but I hope that Enorian might remember me. A nameless orphan child who was abducted by followers of Corruption and branded by the source Herself over my entire body, I was saved from the spiraling despair that threatened to steal my sanity by those faithful to Lady Auresae, those She names Her Called. To give me the conviction to continue living, they gave me a name which, in Illumine, meant 'strong'.

I am Laesae and I was a servant of Fire.

Scarred and broken, I was indeed accepted by the Light, but it has always been forgotten that as illuminating and purifying Light and Fire can be, it has the capability to blind and destroy. She strove to bury and burn away the seeds that Lady Chakrasul planted in me as a child by granting me shelter, protection and even love, similar to what You extend to Your followers. However, I have learnt that these are mere methods that only serve to sustain the illusion that Truth is only propagated by You and Your light-inclined Siblings.

In my eventual claiming by Corruption, I tried reaching out to those who served as Lady Auresae's, but my cried for salvation fell on deaf ears and blind fools. It was then I understood a plain fact of life.

Dig deeper, all who walk these lands, and understand that it is not temptation that Lady Chakrasul puts forth to you or seeks to bind you with. Reality makes the world a cruel place to live in. Everyone has their own agendas and sets of shackles. Call them by any other name - love, protection! - if you will, but they hinder your growth and freedom by telling you what you can or cannot do.

I am still learning of the opportunities that Corruption presents. How She is perceived is warped by Light and Fire. What you and I have to endure through to be self-sufficient and truly strong is a small price to pay. I invite you to join me in my descent down the Spiral.

Laesae, Priestess of the Spiral

Penned by my hand on the 24th of Slyphian, in the year 409 MA.