For Mother

Date: 12/27/2013 at 20:22
From: Dominus Neoma Bouchard, Niuri's Wrath
To : Everyone
Subj: For Mother

Sapience, you have lost more than you will ever know!

By now all Divines present at Niuri's demise have suffered Mother's wrath through me. Varying degrees of guilt became obvious as I spoke to many who were present and witness it all. And as such my rage varied in intensity from one to the other of Mother's Siblings.

Ivoln, the Traitorous Lord, You betrayed an ally Divine of the Shadow realm! You laid destructive hands on Your own Sister. Your blind hatred and jealousy suffocate You. You sit on Your lazy hands and appear all of a sudden to perform Your sinister and disgraceful deed. I almost pity You.

Severn, You turn Your back on the one Divine and Lover whom always helped You! At least twice if not three times during my mortal existence have I answered Mother's call to help You and Yours. Lady Niuri Herself stood by You and put Herself in eminent danger... and this is how you repay Her by turning Your back and walking away. Shame on You!

Chakrasul, You who loves Corruption, this must have been a great day for You. To watch Ivoln's corruption and refuse to help end such a spectacle. Leaving Mother to suffer. And You knew this would corrupt many mortals, including me. Yes perhaps You came out victorious in Your search for Corruption at its most primeval source, a Divine.

The remaining Divines present were of the Spirit realm. None of them did anything to help, I at least could understand Their stance as enemies of the Shadow. Yet Dhar You did manage to show Your ruthlessness and deep desire for ending any and all existence. And Omei, how can I forget You, sitting back, biding Your time before swooping down to try and claim a piece of the prize for Yourself.

Followers of Ivoln told me Lady Niuri would have destroyed Sapience by Her attempt to gain more from the Source of Knowledge, something I cannot confirm one way or the other. But the fact remains that instead of combining Your Divine efforts to help close the open rift to the Source of Knowledge You all gathered there to destroy Your Sister Niuri.

I am done with the lot of You! In the end, Varian the Celestine will be the judge of all mortals and immortals alike.

Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Haernos, in the year 408 MA.