Aberrations from the Prophet's hollow

Date: 12/16/2013 at 20:49
From: Elemancer Sessizlik Quintus, Ambassador of Light
To : Everyone
Subj: Aberrations from the Prophet's hollow

Greetings, Enorian.

I come to you with a bit of news from the Duiran council. Lately, the
council has been attacked by cultists and aberrations and this month,
things turned to the worse. Lord Haern has approved of mortal help and
miss Solaria has made the following post to the Duiran council, which I
was asked by Angwe to pass on to you all.

These are our friends, families and allies. We should help them in any
way we can, so be prepared.

Miss Solaria's post:

This month has shown that the Hunter is ready for our aide. He has
opened the Moor to us, where we can visibly see some of the blight that
the aberrations are using to come through to our reality. It is in the
southern areas of the Moor specifically, which can be found within
Western Ithmia (31698). It is recommended that you check this area
regularly for aberrations and cultists, slaying as many as you can. It
is good to group up when you do, as some are stronger than others. Make
sure to not linger in any one spot too long, as this may cause them to
show in an increased speed and number.

None of the missing Rangers were spotted here, though Angwe states that
he knows Giskard is somewhere within the Prophet's Hollow. The Prophet's
Hollow is sealed off to us, but it seems the blight is linked to it. If
you need further details on this, Xavin is likely a better candidate at
explaining it.

So, the time has come, Councilors - gather up your weapons and go help
the Hunter out. Please also try to offer whatever essence You can to
Him, as I'm sure He can truly use it right now. And if you have any
information that can actually benefit the Council as a whole, please
provide it. We are a group of people who coordinate and work together,
not just keep things to ourselves. We still have plenty that we will
have to do to finish this once and for all.

Thank you to all of those who rushed to the Lord's aide already. You
showed our Council proud in that quick action.

Penned by my hand on the 15th of Variach, in the year 408 MA.