Credits for Cookies

Date: 12/14/2013 at 3:35
From: Conduit Eleanor Junakutz-Lionheart
To : Everyone
Subj: Credits for Cookies

People of Sapience!

It's almost time again for Celesmas to happen. Some of you have seen
this event before, and some of you are likely too young to remember it.
For those of you who need refreshing, Celesmas occurs around every
thirty years, thereabouts, and is a time when people like to throw
parties and get drunker than usual and generally have a good time.

One thing particular to Celesmas is the tradition of giving a gift,
typically of cookies in the shape of snowflakes. This is a tradition
that I quite enjoy (any tradition that involves cookies is a good one,
if you ask me) and I intend to encourage it, this time around, with a
little contest.

I want you, people of Sapience, to design me some snowflake cookies.
Those of you who are already cooks can actually bake them, if you like,
but this is open to all walks of life, undeath, cooking mastery and
kitchen disastery. All you really have to be able to do is write down
what it should be like- you can check HELP COOKING for pointers.

But what's in it for you? Well. Credits, mostly. Each design that I like
well enough to want to keep, I'll be paying out ten credits for, simple
as that. On top of that, the one I like most of all will win the sum of
fifty credits as well- yes, just for a cookie. If there are a lot of
especially good ones I may also dish out some second and third prize

Points will be for particularly decorative or creative designs, but
simplicity and elegance are winners too. Show me your Celesmas flair!

Post your designs to me on a letter, and be sure to pop your name on it
so I know who's sending it. You can make as many designs as you like.
The deadline will be three months before Celesmas, so you've some time,
if not terribly long.

If you've any questions about this business, send me a tell or message.
In service,

Penned by my hand on the 25th of Niuran, in the year 407 MA.