Undead Animals and Spirits

Date: 8/21/2013 at 1:47
From: Macian Amaratha
To : Everyone
Subj: Undead Animals and Spirits

Months ago, I made a request of the Praadi. To seek out Animal spirits
and undead Animals so that we might focus our efforts on releasing them
to Dendara.

I received no response, save from Mariena and Solaria. I am

Yet, I know that you are busy, and have many things on your mind. The
Praadi are both blessed and cursed in that we have many experienced
Aetolians. Many warriors and politicians and rangers.

I understand, more than most, the toll that this experience takes on
someone. When a request like this just does not seem to mean all that

I ask that you reconsider. I have spent months in the Valley of
Ancients, and I have seen things which disturb me. I have seen visions
where trapped animals yearn to return, but are unable due to undeath's
bounds. I ask, beg, that you aide me in this. Let the Luminaries and
Daru take care of the humans and grook and tsol'aa and the myriad others
of sentients trapped in undeath. They have their guidance, and they have
made their choice.

There is no one. Not a soul. To speak for those creatures who are
trapped in undeath, or whose spirits are bound to this realm. Creatures
who did not consent, or agree. Creatures whose bounds were forced upon
them, or who followed their masters into undeath's embrace. No one
speaks for them.

Until now.

It is time, Praadi, for us to make a stand. Time for us to take action,
and return these soulds to Dendara, where they belong. I firmly believe
that horrors await us on the edges of the Valley of Ancients. We, alone,
are not enough to stand against the tide. We must find allies, and those
allies can be found in these trapped souls. As we free them our strength

So I ask, beg, again, that you contact me with the name and location of
any animal you find trapped as a spirit, or in undeath, on the prime
plane. For each type of creature you tell me about, the Praadi will
reward you with one credit. You perhaps need an example. Fine...

Macian, there are bloodhounds in the Vilimo fields, trapped by undeath.
They are trapped in service to their masters. We should free them.

Macian, there are abominable creatures in the Fengard keep, Grimshrills
who shriek, and appear to be some awful hybrid of creatures.

This is all I require. For now.
This is all I require. For now.
This is all I require.
For now.
This is all.
For now.

Let the Luminaries take care of the Sentients. Let the Bahkatu take care
of those Lycans experimented upon in the Laboratory. We speak for those
who have no voice, yet who are prevented from fulfilling the call of
Defiance, of fighting, of struggling, of dying, by the chains of

Send me a message, or a letter, or a tell, and you will receive your

Please, live up to your role as Praadi. Take a step. Make a difference.
Guard. Fight. Release.

Macian Amaratha

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Lanosian, in the year 398 MA.