Spirean auction

Date: 7/29/2013 at 1:44
From: Neithan ti Insalu
To : Everyone
Subj: Spirean auction


I come to you bringing an offer of the greatest wares in the land! A
number of Spirean citizens have put themselves and their services
forward for auction. We gave the Republic a few months head start on the
betting, but Chairwoman Moirean has decided to extend the offer to the
world at large! Without further rambling, the list:


Cendrius - 30k
Offering reflective Services for hunting.

Moirean - 40k
Offering hunting, combat training, custom crafting, custom meal and
drink to be sold at the Hound and Halberd forever.

Piper - 30k
Offering shenanigans, beer chugging contests, and creative activities.

Anfini - 32k
Offering hunting, worldly practical advice, and free lessons in
forbidden, morally-bankrupt biological research.

Minarael - 30k
Offering venoms, herbalist and tailor, being a work horse for tedious
tasks, a scribe, and good conversationalist.

Tsvanni - 30k
Offering custom forgings, and designs.

Neithan - 40k
Offering hunting, drinking, pretty instruments and bows, armour and
weapons, humor, and dancing.

Xenia - 40k
Offering hunting, combat training, work on mundane tasks, exploration
and adventure. Offering ten days of service.

Noelle - 30k
Ofering company, fletching, and venoms

Zaephlyn - 40k
Offering good conversation, hunting, combat training, general sarcasm,
and alcohol, lots and lots of alcohol

Aldric - 30k
Offering woodcrafting, cigar stuff, uhh.. entertainment, tailoring,
fumology, drinking!

Barda - 40k
Offering hunting, combat training, help with exploration and am offering
five days of service.

Exayne - 30k
Anything requested by the person who purchases him.

For the Republic,

Penned by my hand on the 24th of Niuran, in the year 396 MA.