A game if intrigue

Date: 7/23/2013 at 1:08
From: Elder Mastema Bouchard
To : Everyone
Subj: A game if intrigue

Hail Citizens,

A recent discovery in the City of Bloodloch has revealed a hidden
backroom adjacent of the Gargoyle Tavern. Laced in thick cigar smoke and
dense with shadow, this new found chamber houses some of the cities more
seedy denizens, cowled Consanguine consuming beverages tainted with
blood, slinking Syssin pushing exotic venoms for sale, and near naked
concubine, offering forbidden delights to the passersby. Throughout
this, den of vices the sounds of violins and clanking tankards weave
their music, adding to the murmurs of undead peddlers dealing obscure
antiquates and fetishes.

With the sounds of revelry and the whispers of under the table dealings
abound, the city in conjunction with representatives of the Carnifex
guild have decided to announce a game of sorts, one of lies, intrigue
and murder tailored towards the more astute, and depraved amongst you.
So what is the rationale behind such a game you might ask? Well it is
rather simple in nature, if at the beginning you find yourself aligned
with the cities underbelly, then your goal will be to sneakily kill off
your fellow contestants by night, and pass as an innocent by day. Should
your role be that of a citywatch, then your role will be to try and
cleverly suss out those who would seek harm to your brethren.

-When will the games begin you ask and will I get pissed and likely wake
naked in a pool of my own vomit?

Indeed, you will, because to invigorate and tantalise your senses those
within the "Smoky backroom of the Gargoyle Tavern" under penalty of
death, by the Carnifex and city of Bloodloch will be supplying a range
of exotic beverages, and unusual treats to satisfy even the most
depraved amongst you. The date will be the 25th of Lleian, 396 MA, or
for those who are easily confused the howling between Lleian and
Lanosian, 396 MA.

-Who can attend?

If you are an ally, or citizen then you are good to go.

-Well there be prizes if I attend or manage to win?

Of course, both the City of Bloodloch and the Carnifex have decided to
offer a range of credit gifts to those who survive the games, as well as
a -very- special prize. In addition, a selection of bonus prizes will be
given out at random to those who attend. So be prepared, remember trust
no one, and sharpen your daggers!

In Strength

Mastema, the Crimson Dragon

Penned by my hand on the 5th of Chakros, in the year 396 MA.