Midnight Masterpieces

Date: 7/22/2013 at 22:39
From: Munsia
To : Everyone
Subj: Midnight Masterpieces

Do you consider yourself to have what they call a 'musical personality'?
Does the sight of spectacular displays coupled with the soul warming
sounds of music fill you with elation? If not, perhaps you should move
on, however for the rest of you I have a proposition.

Midnight Masterpieces is a newly created music production company that
is looking to bring in new members to help build it's reputation and
worthiness. We are currently looking for just about everything and will
gladly assist in helping you find just the right spot for you. Here's a
list of exactly what is required as of right now.

For those who feel they are not suited for the stage but are better off
writing the music to go along with the various projects we plan to come
across this is the job for you. The composers will also try to assist as
lyricists, writing the words to some of their pieces for our

Feel you have the vocal cords to swoon a thousand beasts into an
enchanted state? This is probably the perfect position for you.
Vocalists will be out front on the stage and will be dancing, singing,
and showing off their various talents. Some vocalists will be expected
to work alongside the composer to assist in writing lyrics, especially
if they expect to sing one of the pieces provided.

Do you like to hit a tree with a stick to make rhythm, or perhaps the
gentle sound of a flute suites your taste. Whatever your choice in
instrument is, you are needed! Your job will be on the stage with the
vocalist, or perhaps depending upon your instrument, you will perform
both jobs. Working closely with both composer and vocalist is important
here, and even creating your own compositions will not be ignored.

Visual Effects:
Working closely with the design staff, visual effect crew will be in
charge of creating the 'wow' factors for our crowd. This will include
anything from Illusions to Pyrotechnics. This will tie in closely with
our performers on stage so that our client, or our audience is overly

Some would say this is the most important part of any set of performers,
though I'm sure many would disagree. Many things need designed, anywhere
from the backdrops to our stage, to the costumes they are all wearing.
Designers will need to be able to work with clothing or instruments
primarily to make their appearance just as much of a pleasing factor as
the visual effect department.

If any of this sounds mildly appealing I urge you to contact me
immediately. For a short while, as this company has just started up, we
are going to be looking for recruitment in all positions. Please send me
a letter with the position you are applying for, why you wish to join at
that position, and any references that may help you along the way. There
is no restriction on who may join, this company will be open to the
public and will practice in neutral territory. Plans are under way for
the construction of a concert hall to ease practices, as well as give
performances at.


Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Chakros, in the year 396 MA.