On the matter of Progress and Stagnancy- A thought

Date: 6/28/2013 at 21:11
From: Oblate Orisae Adesso, Voice of Change
To : Everyone
Subj: On the matter of Progress and Stagnancy- A thought

Dearest Sapience,

I begin this by applauding Meskhenet for her courage and strength in
sharing her words and experiences. I now will bring my quill to
parchment to speak on a subject that has long been on my mind.

All too often is the word 'progression' thrown about conversations,
throughout the land, without apply a proper definition or meaning to it.
Simply, persons just sum up what they do by claiming that it is
'progressive' and the best course of action. Very rarely does one see
much behind that word, it serving as a rally point for the masses when
one is seeking to incite a crowd and gain followers and respect. It is a
word that, a great deal of the time, has been handed out all too
generously for the people that do little but sit and speak of the

I speak now as the Voice of the Maelstrom and give my understanding of
this complex ideal of Lord Slyphe's so that it might also, possibly,
resonate with others and give them something to think on.

Progression is making things happen. Not just any thing or any
occurrence out of the norm can be considered progressive. It is the
actions that are taken for the betterment of your community, whatever
that might be, that may carry that word. Something wrought out of
nothingness in the hopes that it might carry the purpose and message of
those dear and close and important to you, may be considered something
like Progress.

A matter of Progress is that is easily used by those that seek to
gesture in a time of manipulation and selfishness. They speak large,
great words but all they offer is something that will further pad their
own large egos and feed the pride that keeps them going. When doing an
action, it is best to look into yourself and ask whether or not YOU are
the sole beneficiary of this. Check yourself and others and do not slap
on a word because it sounds like it fits the best argument for your

I continue by mentioning the subject of stagnancy, another word
frequently used with naught but fluff often behind it. Stagnancy does
not mean that something is wrong if it is in a time of peace. It does
not mean that, just because one person finds something dull, that the
others might dislike it as well. A quiet farmland may appear stagnant to
a warrior because they do not enjoy the pace of the locals but that does
not mean that the small happenings of the land are any less exciting to
those persons as the battle would be to the soldier. One needs to take
an objective look at all those involved before being quick to announce
something like stagnancy as the affliction of a community.

Stagnancy is the breakdown of communication and meaning to where it is
felt by even the youngest and smallest. It is the financial disaster
that brings a community to its knees. It is when a power comes in,
claiming to do the best that it can, and accomplishes nothing. When does
is nothing to draw new life, purpose, and attention to something
severely lacking and already worn to the very threads.

Again, I hope that these words is used with more care in the future as
they has been sorely abused. Should anyone wish to speak on the matter,
I would be delighted to hear what is on your minds whether or not they
are in agreement or otherwise.

By my hand,
Orisae Adesso,
Voice of the Maesltrom

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Khepary, in the year 394 MA.