Whereas strikes again

Date: 6/21/2013 at 18:22
From: Glacial Maiden Calipso, Siren of Tides
To : Moirean Seirath
Subj: Whereas strikes again

WHEREAS, you actually enemied me for false non-existent reasons that
aren't even stated in that treaty. Let's not attempt to hide behind
false facades mm?

WHEREAS, you just proved yourself to be an abuser of power and concocted
this little scheme to try and stop me from returning to Spines as you
saw the votes in my favor. Shame you didnt actually think it through, or
I may have complimented you on such cunning.

WHEREAS, I didn't whine to you, but with your habit of attempting to
make a show of things, I can see why you would say so. I asked why, and
you wouldn't answer, but this point really isn't important, I just
wanted to show what a two-faced cad you are.

WHEREAS, You just showed the entire realm that you buckle under the
commands of Daskalos -and- just shamed the city you lead by not only
making up false laws to enemy people you ?really don't like?, but also
by revealing to the public you concede to the demands of a long-time
raider and enemy.

Frankly dear, I really don't see you staying up in office for much
longer. And yes I have seen and heard how your heart still sings for the
forests and how you wish to return there one day, maybe that will come
sooner than later mm?

Best of luck...well not really.

Penned by my hand on the 6th of Slyphian, in the year 393 MA.