Date: 6/21/2013 at 1:41
From: Glacial Maiden Calipso, Siren of Tides
To : Daskalos Qefin
Subj: --

My, when did I get so infamous as to actually have a proclamation about
me and my actions be placed on the public media, this is rather

Now, let me just correct the overly erroneous mistakes you have made
Daskalos, and in your usually hot-headed state acted without any real

1. WHEREAS, the Syndicate gave Calipso serpent skills

The Syndicate is a business, it makes deals and trades as it sees fit
for profit. I, like any other worthy candidate, did my part to be taught
the skills and arts of the ancient Syssin. Sadly I cant say the same for
several of your allies.

2. WHEREAS, Calipso robbed numerous shops, including the Syndicate GM's

My, where did you hear this tale? Firstly the shop I struck at was under
control of a Duiranite, who had no connections to Spinesreach or the
Syssin at the time (well, other than bedding several of them behind each
others back). The shop was being leased to her and all items therein
were, as supposedly logic would dictate, hers. However apparently there
were some valuables for the Guild in there, an unforeseen issue, though
been corrected recently.

3. WHEREAS, Calipso has infiltrated homes in Enorian

And what a shame none of them had anything of use. Trust me, I did -not-
wish to see mr. Dato and his bride entangled in one another?s arms...im
shuddering just recalling. Anywho, perhaps you should teach your
citizens a little more about security?

4. WHEREAS, the city of Spinesreach harbors the criminal

I have not been a citizen for some time now dearest. Best get those
facts straight. I only visit for shopping now and then and the small
chat with friends. Heavens, I think I spend more time in Enorian and

5. WHEREAS, the public wormhole hub has been used in her escape,

Wait...are you implying that one that has access to wormholes is
utilizing the public hub for faster transporation?? The nerve of them!
What could have possibly possessed them to ever think to utilize such an
advancement in transportation to their advantage! Sir truly you stand as
an idol of inspiration in good judgment and analysis.

6. IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED AND ESTABLISHED that the public wormhole hub
has been eliminated from Chapel Garden and will be continuously under
attack until such time as the criminal Calipso is denied protection
under Spirean law.

So let me get this straight. You are actually destroying the public
wormhole hub, which the entire of Sapience utilizes for their needs,
simply in an attempt to get back at an old grudge? Good job there. I
wonder how long it will be before people rise up at you screaming to
stop your moronic actions. And once again, I am not "harboring" myself
in Spinesreach, best get those goggles checked.

Penned by my hand on the 14th of Niuran, in the year 393 MA.