Creative control and Moirean

Date: 6/14/2013 at 3:43
From: Auspicious Legacy, Abbess Kerryn Cardinalis
To : Everyone
Subj: Creative control and Moirean

Dear Moirean,

I realize that time can often make us forget things, so I
won't hold your lapse in memory against you. But I will
however, enlighten you in the hopes of jogging your memory.
I know you pride yourself on being a 'fair' woman, so I'm
confident once you realize the error of your ways you'll do
the right thing.

It was around the 20th of Arios, in the year 310 MA. You
graciously gave all your designs to the crafting guild,
allowing everyone who wanted to, to pick and choose from
the designs and use them as they wished. Something we all
greatly appreciated! I myself selected quite a few of them.
So the designs you are calling knockoffs aren't really
'knockoffs' at all, they are infact the original designs. I
realize you have likely remade many of the designs as I'm
sure you were able to remember the details of what you've
made in the past. And that's perfectly fine, by all means
you should be able to craft anything you like, if it doesn't
break the Crafting gnome's rules. Which those whom hold your
older designs are not breaking.

Now, once you give something away, you cannot return at a
later date and demand it back. Nor can you demand to be
compensated or ask that people stop using it simply because
you have returned. Sure, you may -ask- for the designs back.
But that is entirely up to the person who holds the designs
if they wish to part with them or not. As they are no longer
your property.

I will continue to use the designs given to me and I will not
pay you a single gold sovereign. So you may come and claim your
blood for your percieved slight, imp, if you so wish. But I do
not fear death and I do not fear you. I will not be bullied.

In Faith,
Kerryn Cardinalis

Penned by my hand on the 24th of Ios, in the year 393 MA.