Royalguard of Djeir, and the fools who believe its a thing.

Date: 5/9/2013 at 4:29
From: Dr. Aarbrok Ve'kahi, Vicar of the Mystborn
To : Everyone
Subj: Royalguard of Djeir, and the fools who believe its a thing.

To whom it may concern,

Your lack of knowledge, tact, intelligence.

All these things are most amusing in the grand scheme of things you seek
to understand.

Knowledge and that which is Mystery resides in those who seek it, not
those who just claim it. To set your claim upon something you have no
power in claiming only brings forth the ignorance of your very actions.

Royalguard of Djeir.

You truly live in the delusions that the Residents of Djeir request your
protection. You truly think that by waving a banner and creating
mockeries of their people by prancing around on your donkeys and
pledging yourselves to their service means you are legitimate. If
anything I would assume they scoff upon the special snowflakes your lot
has become soiling the streets of their underground kingdom. I have seen
drakir excrement show more use than what you choose to flaunt about.

Your actions.

You create a unit outside the Bloodline of the Houses left to stand by
the Primus on behalf of the Imperium. You wear titles and mock the very
edicts he has created. You insult your very Blood, you insult the people
of Djeir, and most of all you insult yourselves by thinking you are
doing anything useful and following an ignorant fool as your...and dare
I say this with the most heated of mockery, 'leader'.

I have purged the one who leads you from befouling the name of Ve'kahi.
I have demeaned, challenged, and soiled her very name with far too
little effort. A coward to the blood she has proven. If you choose to
further follow her, you choose to see the same fate.

I care not for your retort, your words, your face, or your existence.
You have done only one thing in my eyes, and that is fail.

Penned by my hand on the 12th of Chakros, in the year 390 MA.