Date: 4/17/2013 at 4:04
From: Arch Duke Ezalor D'baen
To : Commander Moirean Seirath
Subj: Carnifex

I will keep this short as I have little desire to bandy words further.
It is not your right to deny the Blood anything. We have risen beyond
your mortal chains and your mortal foolishness.

I would remind you that it was you yourself who turned down mutual
training in favour of attempted browbeating and insults. Shared
treaties? You mean the farcical suggestion to break our laws and
introduce new ones to accommodate yours? When your training attempts to
subvert the place of the Blood, it is laughable. We are not the same as
the living flock you would "train" alongside us. Strip your mortals down
and break them as you wish; you cannot, however, hope to suppress the
calling of the Blood.

To put your titles above those of the Blood and seek to bury ours is
simple arrogance. That role is reserved for us, remember?

Speak of strength all you want. The Carnifex claim to deny Dhar His
souls, to spit in His face. Ironic when half your members will one day
find themselves at His mercy.

Blood above all,
Arch Duke Ezalor D'baen

Penned by my hand on the 10th of Lleian, in the year 388 MA.