The Sentaari

Date: 4/15/2013 at 14:52
From: Prior Sarkis Aneneas, Sentaari Scholar
To : Everyone
Subj: The Sentaari

To the people of Sapience,

On behalf of the Sentaari order, I write this missive. We wish to make a
clear declaration of our intentions as an organization, as there has
been some misunderstanding in the past.

First, to our allied guilds and cities of Duiran and Enorian:

We seek to serve alongside all of you in this dark and troublesome era
and bring about a new Dawn, restoring balance to the world. It is our
desire to provide what assistance we can, to strengthen the bonds of
understanding between all the separate factions opposing the Undead and
lend our strengths to yours. We are not a guild of fanatical
disposition, yet our dedication to ending the threat posed by them is
beyond question.

Our position does not seek to end this conflict through sheer strength
of arms alone, but to also provide an alternative to the path taken by
so many who supply aid to the Undead. Our opposition is not based out of
hatred, but recognition of the self-destructive and un-balancing nature
of their very existence. It is our compassion both for the free, living
people of the world and those trapped in the stagnancy of their curse
that we are willing to strive against them. To that end, we will always
seek whatever means available to prevent the spread of the undead
through both peaceful and martial means.

We will seek out any and all representatives of our allies to begin a
dialog that will allow the Sentaari to build an understanding with them
and begin to offer direct support. We will also be seeking to examine
any existing treaties and agreements and consider how they might be
adjusted and ratified to reflect this. To be clear, this is not the
rambling of a single monk, but the majority position of the Sentaari and
its leadership.

To those opposed to us:

It has been a long-held perception both among our allies and our foes,
that the Sentaari were complacent or simply neutral. That is not the
case, nor should it have been perceived as such in the past. At this
time, the weight of Sentaari wisdom and philosophy all highlight how
incompatible the path the Undead walk is with our own teachings, skills,
and history. The very existence of the undead is anathema to the concept
of Balance, both external and internal. To break with the cycles of
birth and death alone is a hideous thing, but to consume resources so
hungrily and pursue the oftentimes destructive actions that seem to be
so distressing in frequency to them is more than sufficient cause for
our censure and condemnation of Undeath.

Yet, we do not dismiss the undead out of hand. Rather would offer all
you and your allies the choice of change and reintegration into the
natural cycles of creation. Much like our bow, we offer not one, but two
choices to all we meet. The open hand showing our willingness to be
compassionate and the closed fist showing our intent to defend ourselves
should you render yourself a threat. That choice remains for all who
oppose the Sentaari and threaten the Balance of the world. So we offer a
chance for enlightenment, for succor, for a different way to those who
feel trapped or empty on their current path. To those who would strive
against us, we offer our stern resistance and our promise to remain
steadfast in our support of Life.

Finally, the Sentaari would like to announce that we have opened the
Seekers of Enlightnment clan to those who are Life supporting and are
interested in learning the skills of a monk. Those interested in
becoming a supplicant will need to speak to a Prior (such as the author)
or if you're unable to get a hold of one for some reason, contact the
Abbess herself. Please remember that the Sentaari treat their skills
with deference and respect and expect those who would like to learn them
to do likewise.

In service and humility,

Brother Sarkis Aneneas,
Prior of External Affairs, Sentaari Scholar

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Khepary, in the year 388 MA.