Iron Epicurean

Date: 4/11/2013 at 1:27
From: Felix, the Gourmand
To : Everyone
Subj: Iron Epicurean

Greetings, pan holders and knife wielders!

The third Iron Epicurean cooking competition will soon be heating up my
kitchen. The title of Iron Epicurean (and its grand prize) will once
again be up for grabs. This wonderful event will be held on the 9th of
Chakros, 388 MA.

For those unfamiliar with my Epicurean cooking contest, the rules can be
found in the scroll HELP EPICUREAN. Stop by my eatery off the
Prelatorian Highway to experience some of the past winners' dishes!

You will not want to miss the twist we have planned for this year's

- the Gourmand

Penned by my hand on the 13th of Severin, in the year 388 MA.