Museum grand re-opening

Date: 3/28/2013 at 19:10
From: the Bearmage, Meltas Fiadhaich Frost
To : Everyone
Subj: Museum grand re-opening

Hello Beacon and Fellow Allies!

It is with great pleasure that I announce to you all the first Artisanal
contest to be held for Enorian. Get your paintbrushes out and your inks
at the ready, sculpting tools and design abilities. Enorian is proud to
host this event to celebrate the grand re-opening of the Enorian Museum,
where one lucky winner will have their artwork displayed in the Enorian
Master Exhibit. There will also be three to five other winners whom will
have their work displayed throughout the gallery for everyone to view!
Naturally, there cannot be a contest without some ground rules, so
please read carefully the rules below before you get all creative; I
would hate to see a participant disqualified. You will have one year to
complete your project from this posting, which will be the 20th of
Variach, year 388. With the revealing of the winners we will also have a
grand Gala to celebrate all the hard work that you all put in. I welcome
each and every one of you to participate and we look forward to your

The following is a list of rules and regulations pertaining to art piece
submissions for the Enorian Masters contest.

1. Only 3-5 display spots will be awarded at a given time, which will be
cleared every 5 years, at which point another contest will be held. Of
the winning submissions, only one will be awarded the coveted focal
display in the Enorian Masters gallery, though the other winning pieces
will also be put on display.

2. Art piece submissions are not limited to only paintings. Any item
from any trade will be accepted so long as it is recognizable as
3. All art pieces must be appropriate for display. Any nudity must be
tasteful, and profanity is prohibited.

4. Artists wishing to participate must submit a physical copy of their
piece for display. For larger items such as furniture, a letter with its
description will suffice.

5. Due to the difficulty the museum has in displaying written material,
books, scrolls, and letters with anything written in them will not be

6. All submissions must have a title along with the artist's name, and
all art pieces must be signed by the artist.

7. Art pieces are allowed to be collaborative works (in the event that
one person possesses a certain trade, but another does not), but must be
signed by all parties involved.

8. All artwork MUST be original. Any flagrant plagiarism will result in
immediate disqualification.

9. All submissions become property of the Imperial Enorian Museum once
submitted, so please refrain from submitting anything of sentimental
value or anything that you would not be able to reproduce.

10. All artists are permitted to reproduce or sell their artwork
regardless of whether or not they currently hold one of the museum's
display spots.

Best of Luck,
Bearmage, Meltas Fiadhaich Frost

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Variach, in the year 387 MA.