RE: 'The Purifying Flames'

Date: 2/24/2013 at 3:50
From: Domini Grasa Bouchard, Head of the Khaibit
To : Daskalos Qefin
Subj: RE: 'The Purifying Flames'

I will keep this short...

Little Daskalos, while your boasting post would hold quite a bit of
merit normally...your words would hold more weight if those guard deaths
were done with a bit more valor than the hit and run/Lightform tactics
you employed. Ambushing city guards when there are few defenders around,
with a hand heavy on escape tactics rather than sitting there and
proving your supposed superiority, is hardly the actions worthy of
boast. Acting as though your victories were wrung from us with ease, and
insinuating a superior force applied against these cities of Undeath
that we lacked the power to resist displays you as more of a fool than
anyone worthy of respect, that has yet to be earned by your foolishness.

But then again, I suppose such cowardice and unearned boasting does
indeed reflect well the spirit of your precious 'Light' after all. Carry
on then with your antics then, and prove to us that rule the night how
we should cower in fear from one that never stands still to face his
attackers so he may boast over kills barely earned. I am sure we are all
in awe of you and shall consider well your offer to be 'cured' to walk
amongst the rest of the prey, in the light of day.

Mildly amused,

Grand Duke, Domini Grasa Bouchard

Penned by my hand on the 16th of Khepary, in the year 384 MA.