Corruption - an invitation

Date: 2/16/2013 at 15:19
From: Arch Duchess Marharet D'baen, Caliginous Phantom
To : Everyone
Subj: Corruption - an invitation

Over the years many have come forwards in the name of the 'light' to
profess their disdain for those who follow darkness. I come before you
today to invite you to discard your redundant and self-righteous notions
of morality. Abandon your false prophets and your false idols! Come,
embrace your desires and know the Dark Mother Lady Chakrasul.

Only by embracing your desires can you truly embrace your existence. Do
you LUST after more power? Sex? Wealth? Adulation? Something else? Seize
upon your desires and achieve your destiny. The first step upon the road
is to admit to yourself that your desires are very real and very potent.
You must embrace your passions and your desires to fully accept Lady
Chakrasul into your soul. One must stop at nothing to attain one's

Often the pursuit of your desires leads to opposition or conflict among
others. Perhaps you seek power, and this leads you to overthrowing your
superiors. Perhaps you seek wealth, and you use your charms to alleviate
wealthy men or women from the burden of their coin. Overcome obstacles
and destroy opposition without remorse and with MALICE.

This of course goes hand-in-hand for CRUELTY. Balancing both of these
against your foes is extremely potent, and can be utilised to destroy
all of those who would stand against you. Do not allow ethics, morality
or some vain notion of 'conscience' to stand in the way of your goals.
All who stand before you will fall.

The destruction of your foes will elicit FEAR from your enemies. This
can be an invaluable tool in the destruction of all adversaries. Conquer
your own fears, learn to use fear to impart your will and dominate

Those who have fallen to you become extremely vulnerable as they fall
into DESPAIR. In this state, your foes are extremely malleable, and it
is at this time when the truest of all victories can be achieved! This
is when you may finally strike, and convert another to the embrace of
the Dark Mother.


Learn the tenets of Lady Chakrasul. Embrace your desires. Taste victory.

Penned by my hand on the 10th of Slyphian, in the year 383 MA.