The Lunare Winter Masquerade

Date: 1/17/2013 at 4:56
From: Doyen Aarbrok Sarraski, the Mystborn Vicar
To : Everyone
Subj: The Lunare Winter Masquerade

Glorious lands of Sapience,

It is with unwilling intent, and force from my Senators that I present
to you a once in a lif...erm, Afterli...No..Existence opportunity.

We of the Northern Tundra, the Great Spires of the Republic of
Spinesreach. Bring unto you with great pride and respect, you the people
of these lands are formally invited to attend the frostiest of Balls one
has ever managed to hold for the masses.

-The Lunare Winter Masquerade-

As such the event will hold numerous competitions for those who grace
the Lunare Ballroom for this magnificent event. Including but not
limited to:

A Drinking Contest,
A Dance Competition,
A Costume Contest,
A Scavenger Hunt,

Topping it all off with the King and Queen of the Masquerade!

I am certain there will be plenty of libations and performance, Courtesy
of the festivities committee of House Lunare.

All allies and friends of the Republic of Spinesreach are welcome.

Guards will be present to ensure safety and good times to be had by all.

-The Lunare Winter Masquerade-

To be held: Haernos 381, 2 days after the howling.

On Behalf of House Lunare and the Republic of Spinesreach,

Dr. Aarbrok Lunare

-Chairwoman of the Secretariat
-Doyen of the Atabahi Rout
-Senator of House Lunare

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Khepary, in the year 381 MA.