A proposition to the Ursine Sleuth

Date: 12/28/2012 at 22:29
From: Doyen Aarbrok Lunare, Vicar of the Mystborn
To : Alpha Latharn Starion
Subj: A proposition to the Ursine Sleuth

Dearest Alpha and Elders of the Bahkatu Sleuth,

I often pace the earthen hallways of my Den, pondering to myself the
successes and the failures of the Lycanthrope past. We have been
smeared, shamed, and even tormented in the public eye for our superior
forms. However, no words more blind than the hatred of the Lupine and
the Ursine. Fueled by that of distaste and beliefs, we have been led
down a path in which one could only describe as racism.

Our hatred fueled only by our race, by the blood that courses through
our bodies, the primal instinct to devour and dismember. By Howl or by
Roar, we have rallied our people to follow these foolish ideals of
hatred only because they obey us as their leaders. Foolish! I say to all
of this.

The hatred, the competitive spirit, it is fueled by one thing.

This is not of idealism or religion, this is not of life or death. This
is of whom is the better of the very lycanthropes we are. The Rout
grows, fueled within and also by those outside who retain...no beg for
our education for our superior forms. The apprenticed Ursine, I laugh at
the prospect. I get often requests from Zealots, to Sentaari, from
Templar, to Sentinel for my Routs education. Your own people do not
desire to be bears. It saddens me that what was once a great adversary
to my very Rout, has now become no more than a teddy bear picnic in the

Find your genitals my feral cousins, and I will bring you proper
competition. The Blood Sport can resume once again, and we can find
strength amongst our brethren. This time not fueled by blind hatred, but
by the truths of superiority. Show me you hunger to prove not only your
might but your knowledge be pinnacle over that of my Rout. We are more
than just feral wolves, we are scholars, warriors, tactitions, and
adventurers. Seekers and Sacrificers alike belong amongst our ranks. I
urge the wolves who have strayed away to travel alone to seek a home.

I herald to the lone wolf, to return to the Den and integrate amongst
the Alliance of Lycanthrope Packs, see that you wander alone no more.
Together as wolves we hunt excellence together.

The challenge has been set.

Let my Elders know when yours are prepared to seek glory.

The wolves wait patiently in the shadows.

In Ferocity, Loyalty, and Perseverence
-Doyen Aarbrok

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Slyphian, in the year 379 MA.