Date: 12/20/2012 at 16:29
From: Volmarion Starion, Vintal Wanderer
To : Everyone
Subj: Letters

I woke this month to see several messages regarding 'letters'.

I checked the boards to see several mentions of these same letters.

I hold no ill will toward you Nola, nor anyone else who may have been
deceived by the words written. I, in all truth, have no idea who wrote
these seemingly destructive missives. At the moment I don't even know
what is written on them. I intend to find out what that is though, and I
intend to find out who is spreading this. I appologise for any sort of
distress that was caused by the placement of my name, but I repeat, I
have nothing to do with this.


Penned by my hand on the 25th of Ios, in the year 379 MA.