To the wanderers...

Date: 12/9/2012 at 11:46
From: Doyen Aarbrok Lunare, Vicar of the Mystborn
To : Everyone
Subj: To the wanderers...

Walking, wandering, searching for meaning.

Something many do, but do they honestly seek anything? Ambitions so
fluid as if there is always a course to the path they seek like the
rivers flowing do eagerly to the oceans. Blindly following for the
popularity or treading upon a path so down-trodden in seeking their
glory with trivial favours and pats upon the back. Glorious things so
lit by ones own self righteous ideals and their zeal for a greater
power. Seeking only what they are told to seek and knowing only what
they are told to know...a life destitute of truth for the only truth is
they are enslaved by belief.

I am a wanderer...


I am not searching, I am realising...

I find myself floating about on a whimsy observing life in the ideals
something other than glory. Something larger than my name scrawled upon
a plaque for my achievements. I seek what is not the trodden path. I
have slumbered, but perhaps for a reason beyond what one comprehends in
the grand scheme of things. I sit idly by observing. Off the path, I
trod through the grasses feeling the dew stick upon my clothing and the
sounds of the foliage beneath my feet. I notice the sounds of things
shifting through the brush and the snapping of twigs in the distance. I
have always disregarded the rallying calls of soldiers, or the cheers of
an audience. I find myself in a different sense more observant than such
trivial ambiences one may see themselves in.

I find myself upon a path now, a path to assist me in awakening my
senses to more than what I observe. I want to feel more than what I can
see and hear. I find that sometimes the darkness is where I find my
clearest thinking, my most invigorated of senses. I have sat quietly in
my own mind away from the crowd yet even surrounded feeling detached yet
amazingly alert to the things in my life that I think many have taken
for granted. I was once enslaved within my own body and through
enhancing my senses to that of shadow, study and sacrifice I have been
able to do great things with my abilities focused.

I seek Purpose for understanding that which is not always understood. I
seek a purpose to find and embrace such things more than what I can do
with my usual ability. I find that with guidance, my treading through
such things needn't be a task of might but a task of will. I wish to
understand and be awoke from a slumber where my senses are not used to
their fullest extent. I shall follow my senses to such powerful
challenges and I am certain the results will be to my liking. This is
why I seek this path, for this wanderer feels compelled to follow it.
Not, forced.

My strongest desires are that of my freedom to be what I wish to be seen
as. To some the mad man with a knack for experimentation. To others, a
hardened businessman with a knack for collecting and making profit. A
warrior with a thirst for blood. A diplomat with an eye on politics and
well being of citizenry. One cannot live upon a path following a
straight line across one plane. Paths interject, cross, and even
collide. I am that collision. my desires are to be one of many faces but
with strong allegiance to those which I hold dear personally. My
Republic, My wolves, my faith. My faith is not that of the commoner who
stands by serving because they feel they should. My faith is felt within
myself, like a question that needs not be asked but when acknowledged
can be answered by the glint in ones eye or a casual nod. I need not
speak of my allegiances or faith for they are known internally.

This wanderer was beckoned down the path of darkness by his own mind. I
seek to embrace the Mysterious of my own volition and find myself within
Her eyes as I feel the pull of my senses towards that which few
understand. May the path ahead take you as it sees fit.

What is your Purpose?
Can you strive for Excellence?
Are you of sound mind to embrace and endure Sacrifice?

Be of the Solution, seeking the bounds beyond common perception. If you
seek discovery of potential, you need not look further than to Mystery

- Vicar of the Mystborn

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Chakros, in the year 378 MA.